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Friday 3rd . Easter Holiday. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT.

Hey guys, good morning! Today is our last lesson before Easter. The only task for today is watching and listening  this video in English about The Prince of Egypt and send me your opinion if you liked or not. I invite you to watch the full movie in English during your holiday. And if you want as…

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Tuesday 31st and Wednesday 1st April. GRAMMAR REFERENCE.CAN/CAN’T.MUST/MUSTN’T

Tuesday.31st Good morning guys!! We start a new week, today and tomorrow we are going to practise grammar. So the first thing that you have to do is reading, studying and underlining  with colour  grammar reference at workbook page 106. It is very easy but if you have any question ask me please. And remember…

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Good morning guys, today we continue with the magazine of march. You can send me the exercises and worksheet to my email, remember that you have to copy all the vocabulary that you have at the bottom of the pages English-Spanish. Have a good weekend! #everythingwillbefine

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WEDNESDAY 25th and THURSDAY 26th March.

25TH. Good morning guys, today we are going to  warm up PRACTICAL ENGLISH:ordering in a restaurant( pedir en un restaurante). The only task for today is watch this video and them read the dialogue sb page 81. Then tell me if you like it , if it seems easy or difficult for you. By email…

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Good morning guys! We start a new English week. Today we are going to continue practising vocabulary about food, everyday objects….so you have to do the vocabulary reference at wb page 105. Please, send me your homework by email (rcastillogil468@gmail.com) o by rayuela. See you tomorrow! #everythingwillbefine.

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17th March. “Eat on the street”. Reading Comprehension.SB 74 -Read the text and underline new words. -Do exercises (1,2,3,4.). 18th March. -Practice vocabulary about food and every day objects. WB:48,50. 19th March. CULTURE. “Street artists”.SB78,79. -Read the text. Look for the new words. -Do  exercises 79(1-5). 20th March. Maryglasglow magazines. Magazine of March:read the magazine,…

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