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Monday 30th and Wednesday 1st April.Revise and Reading Comprehension.

Good morning guys! How was your weekend? We star a new  week and the last one before Easter. Today we are going to continue with the second worksheet that I sent you on Thursday. The task for Wednesday is a Reading comprehension ,  you have it at workbook page 45.You have to read the text, underline new…

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THURSDAY 26th MARCH. Revise grammar.

Good morning guys, today we are going to revise the aspects of grammar that we have learnt.The only task that you have to do for Monday is the worksheet that you have in the added document, then send it to me, ok? Only the first page!!!!!(SÓLO LA PRIMERA PÁGINA!) Have a good weekend and relax….

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Wednesday 25th March. RELATIVE PRONOUNS.

Good morning guys, today we are going to work with grammar, remember that last week I made a mistake with the page of the workbook.Pay attention to this video about relative pronouns, then read and  underline grammar reference  at wb pag 102. Exercises wb 103(1,2,3). Send it to me    by email   rcastillogil468@gmail.com

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Practise vocabulary.Monday 23rd March.

Good morning guys, we warmed up with the vocabulary of criminals and crimes las week. Today  we are going to practice with it. The only task for today is Wb 43. You can send me the exercises by classroom or by email. See you on Wednesday! Everything will be fine! Bye!

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16th March. -Revise vocabulary “A life of crime”.SB61(3) -Reading comprehension, SB 62. 18th March. -Vocabulary.SB64(3). -Reading and vocabulary SB 66. Note: you can use a dictionary if you need. Wordreference is very useful.   19th March. (Father’s Day) WRITING PREPARATION. In this part we are going to learn to write a newspaper article but first…

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