2º Inglés

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WEEKLY JOB: revision(1st part)

Good morning guys, we are finishing the course and these two weeks we are going to revise a bit, you are going to have a work that you have to do during the week and deliver it on Mondays.Here you have your task:
-Make a diagram (esquema) with the following tenses: Past simple , there was/there were, used to; past continuous, pas simple/past continuous with when , while and as; will/won’t , first conditional.(Units from 1 to 3).
-Vocabulary:make a list of vocabulary of unit 1,2 and 3.
-Write a thank you letter.

You have till Monday 8th to deliver it .

Please use this word document to do it, if you don’t have a computer, let me know and you will be able to do it on the notebook. I’ll take it into account the clarity and well presentation.
IT IS OBLIGATORY TO PASS ENGLISH . (todos aquellos trabajos que tengan mala presentación no serán puntuados, usa el documento de word que te adjunto y si no tienes ordenador , házmelo saber ).
Remember the English class on Wednesday at 12: o’clock.