2º Inglés

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WEEKLY JOB:revision (part 2)

Good. morning guys, here you have the last part f revision, it is obligatory to pass.
-Make a diagram(esquema )with :be going to for future plans and intentions, will/be going to for predictions; adverbs of manners, can /can’t ,could, couldn’t; comparison of adverbs; present perfect.
-Make. a list of vocabulary, english and Spanish, units 4,5,6.
-Write the question words(partículas interrogativas, what….qué….)
-Writing: write a postcard to the teacher.
You have till Monday day 15 th to deliver it.
It is very important the clarity and presentation.

It is very important the clarity and presentation for the final result.
See you on Wednesday at 12:00 p.m in our English lesson. Be on time , please!(video call)